Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Closed Eyes in Photographs Disorder

My husband is a victim of this disorder. He truly is. Need proof? OHH man do I have it (and this is only the ones on my laptop).

This was when we were dating, before we were even ever engaged.
Yeah, it was bright at the Salt Flats on a July day but honestly there are 100+ pictures of me with my eyes wide open. Why couldn't he?
This is the typical matson picture - all posed but no eyes.
Ok so not totally closed, but still not totally open!
Not quite sure if this was on purpose or not?

I told you he has it, the Closed Eyes in Photographs Disorder. AND if you didn't laugh while looking at those then something is wrong with you i am sorry but there really is something wrong with you because that is flat out h to the ous.

Even though he is the victim of the disorder, I believe that I take most of the heat. Every time I upload my camera BAM! his eyes are shut. But really it just makes me laugh.

Are you a victim of this disorder too or know someone who is? 
I am so sorry that you have to suffer with it or deal with someone ruining your pictures all the time. You can vent or laugh with me (by leaving me a comment or something).


  1. I've got lazy left eye in most of my pictures. Not quite as bad as both closed, but it still drives me BONKERS!

  2. Ok I laughed. That is SO funny! Hey make sure you catch up with Guy and the boys next weekend. They will be out in Utah for a quick visit...sadly i'll be stuck home since I am too prego to fly, but I know they'd love to see you guys :)

  3. i was laughing as i was scrolling down and then I then you wrote the "if you're not laughing something is wrong with you" part and then I laughed again! thank you for validating my normalcy...

  4. HA! Love it! Matson you're still awesome.