Sunday, September 18, 2011

Anniversary Tradition

 We were at my friend J*'s wedding (which I posted about here) and my cousin (whose photography blog/website is here) was her photographer. She also was my wedding photographer. We were waiting for J* and her freshly new husband to come out of the door. My cousin needed to test lighting and such, so we snapped this shot:
Although we look more like a political couple, it still looks a lot like this shot:
I think we now have a new tradition. Every year around our anniversary (this was less than a week after our 1 year anniversary), I think we will go take this shot. A little weird? Yes it is, it especially will be when we are 70 years old walking out of the temple. Am I being serious? I don't know. I guess we will see next year, won't we?


  1. ohhhh thats such a good idea!!!!!!!!! you two are too funny

  2. this is the cutest idea ever! and yes you both kinda look like your running for president haha

  3. hey erica... it's getting close to that time again. you need to take another picture for your 2nd year anniversary!! i really want you to do this. it will be awesome.