Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cruise 2011: Day 4

Sea Day which means just chilling on the cruise ship.

Sea day to me means sleeping in day. So we slept in, but not so much that we missed breakfast. Then we went back and lounged in our room then we did different activities around the ship. Plus we read and relaxed together, which was nice until it started sprinkling rain. At first I thought it was just a big wave...but then my mind thought uhhh a big wave? We are up on the top deck. A wave wouldn't hit here. 
Matson after a man did a demonstration of how to carve ice. This is an Indian (hence the reason why Matson put indian feather fingers on his head).

We watched the "Sexy Hairy Chest Competition"...interesting.

I kinda made Matson read Hunger Games. He started it on this trip and by this day he was already way into it.
After our relaxing day, we got ready for the formal night. We got dressed up and ate a yummy dinner of lobster and filet mignon. 

Girls Turn!
I love that Matson & T* are hard core and C* is the little dorko (no offense, C*) on the end.

SO the night before this the dinner photographer told us as couples to take pictures by saying "Ok now the honeymooners turn." So tonight he said the same thing but talking to all 3 of the boys...they obviously thought it was too funny.

Then to us girls he said "Ohhh Charles Angels. So we all put our guns up?" So cheesy.
After dinner we went to another comedy show of Percy Crews and then played Mormon Bridge/Fingers/Oh Sh**! (or whatever your family calls it). We were all getting a little crazy and laughing like children...somehow the game turned into spin the bottle/truth or dare.
Playing the "1 Round" of Mormon Bridge
In the comedy act this night the comedian made fun of everyone taking pictures with their towel animals, so we went right to our room and took a picture with it. The funny thing is we didn't do it until this night after he had already made fun of it.
Next post=Barbados, yes friends the home of Rihanna I only know all of this because of F*, she was pumped that Rihanna may actually be there because she had a huge concert there like the week or two before.


  1. i love that matson is into hunger games. Cole has been listening to it on his ipod all week. and before this was The Help. Good to know another man is into these books we like.

  2. Too funny! He loves them. He is reading the 2nd one now. I am reading the Help now...but he says he is not going to read it because now he just wants to see the movie.