Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Cruise 2011: Day 6

St. Lucia

We ate breakfast at the buffet and we caved in and bought the zipline tour with the cruise ship it was the only tour we bought with the cruise ship and it was cheaper with the cruise ship than ziplines on any of the islands because the cruise line tours include transportation So we got off the cruise ship pretty early because we had the 8 or maybe it was 8:30 am tour. We signed our waivers and were on the tour bus! 
Our bus rider's sign in his van
Matson, C*, and T* pretty excited to get to ziplines. It looks like it is dark outside but there was a tint on the van.
The bus ride was nice. Our bus driver was pretty cool. He knew all of these natural healing things. Like how to use certain things on the island to heal you. It was actually pretty cool to listen to on our way through St. Lucia to get to the zip line place. And on the way back from the zip line place it was too funny when he just stopped the bus and took out his machete to cut down some bark of a tree that smelled like cinnamon!? But the machete. he just happened to have it by his side on the bus? haha.

we probably have 20+ videos of us zip lining. But I will only share a couple.

After ziplining we went to this St. Lucia market place. There were some sketchy people there walking around. One guy just came up to Matson and tried to steal our beach bag. So weird. 

After an hour at the market, we left and went to a nearby beach called Rodney Bay in an area by Pigeon Island. It was very beautiful! Matson loved!
Matson relaxin'

It really was very green and pretty mountains. Although the water wasn't as blue it was still beautiful!
We played around on the beach and C* and Matson rented jet skis!
Matson about to go Jet Skiing!

Bye Bye Matson! And bye bye forever to C*'s sunglasses...they flew right off his head on their jet ski adventure.
 We headed back to the cruise ship! We were both a little sad we didn't get to see the Pitons (very famous and beautiful mountains) and we were exhausted so we read up on the deck (so we could see the Pitons afar), ate a snack, and Matson took many pictures of the St. Lucia scenery for you to all enjoy...but I am only sharing a few...I am the kind of person that only takes pictures of people...there may be a pretty site or the Statue of Liberty but in my picutre there is always a person in front of the pretty site or the Statue of Libery (whether it's me or my sister or husband). Then there is Matson's picture or I should say PICTURES of the pretty site or the Statue of Libery. if he had the camera all the time (which he doesn't that is MY job) then I think our whole camera would be multiple pictures of the same tree, mountain, sky, clouds, etc.  

On the cruise ship this night was another formal night. It sounds kind of like a pain but it is fun and trust me we are not the ALL OUT formal night people a lot of people go full out tuxes and prom dress and some families hard core match like all wearing white or whatever! Go them...I am good with my casual skirt and cardigan. 
F* and I on our way to dinner in the elevator!
 The show this night was actually pretty cool. It was called "Vroom!" or something like that and it went through all the famous music throughout the years. It was fun to sing along to!

Us in the Caribbean Theater on the ship:
You are probably think why do you have 2 pictures of us in the theater? Well because the first one looks like Matson is a little "Drunk on Water" and going to grab my...
But then the 2nd one he still looks "Drunk on Water"

Well thanks for read die hard FANS! Posted about the cruise is way past half way done. So you only have a couple more days of hearing about my cruise rabbling. (cue announcer man voice) Until next time onnnnn Every Saturday is Waffle Day, see ya! 

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