Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pinterest? explain.

dear smart people of the internet,

maybe i am behind the times but will someone explain to me what this new at least to me site is?
looks fun-i saw crafts, clothing, recipes.
i just do not understand it.
it is all over the blogs, facebook, etc.
i want to know what it is now.
explanation needed.

it would be much appreciated.

me the "behind the times" girl


  1. Ok, I just had a friend explain this to me and I'm still not sure I entirely get it...

    You have to download something (see what a crappy explanation this is already???) and then when you are looking at blogs and you think 'hey! I wanna make that' or 'that's a cute outfit/room/picture" you pin it. It's kinda like a bookmark through pinterest and it brings up the picture on your board. Then, you have all the internet 'stuff' you like in one pretty place. I joined a few weeks ago and was just looking through my friend's board and thought 'hey, that's pretty' so I repined their stuff. Apparently, that's not the main point. I haven't downloaded anything for it though (maybe it's a toolbar or something?) so I haven't pinned anything myself.

    Make sense? I'm not sure it does. I feel like a grandma because I still don't get it. 23 is apparently the new 83!

  2. I think she's right. I've only pinned a few things myself, but mostly I repin others pins. Blah, boring I know. But it's for your own use and entertainment so who cares! Pin away! I love it!

  3. alrighty here you go. it is basically an online inspiration board. you can keep track of things you see on blogs or websites that you really like, all in one place. you can make folders and name that what you like like the whole "recipes" thing. you can make them whatever. after you sign up for it and you download your "pin it" button then whenever you see something you like you click on the pin it button, choose the image and put it in a folder. people can follow your boards (folders) and repin your images into theirs, as well as you can follow others and see what they are pinning. make sense? it is easy and a nice way to keep track of everything pretty that you love out there instead of emailing it to yourself. :)