Thursday, June 21, 2012

You Can Call Us Hikers

So a couple weeks ago we were feeling a good adventure so went with my brother and sis in law and our friend M* on a bike ride up to the Y. We biked the 4-5 miles to the trailhead of the Y. Then we hiked the Y, enjoyed the view, and then jogged down the Y. Biking there then hiking it about killed me...and I swear I am not in that bad of shape (we only go to the gym like everyday...I married a freaking gym rat).

The only thing motivating us (more like the only thing motivating the guys) was knowing that we would get a Hokulia shaved ice afterward. I had never had it and BOY oh BOY was that shaved ice the best I have ever had here in Utah. If you live in Provo/Orem area, actually no I would totally drive from Spanish Fork or even Sandy to come get Hokulia Shaved Ice, you need to try it. They have like a hundred flavors.

Warning: They are huge. Matson (who is a big eater) was mad that he got the medium size one. I would just get the small (I think it is called a short board or something) if I were you, unless you're a beast of an eater of course.

Last Saturday we hiked Stewart Falls. It was beautiful. It was so much fun to hike with my brother and sis in law again. And also our friends H* and K* too! It was so green and wow Utah is a pretty state!

We need some more good hikes to go on here in Utah! Anyone know any?
Where have you been hiking?


  1. that looks like a fun hike with a great view. in northern utah there are some really fun ones in the ogden canyon to a waterfall! if your ever up north its a must try for sure :)

  2. hey Erica. i just gave your blog an award on my blog. go check it out!