Friday, June 8, 2012

Birthday Parties for 2 Fun Friends!

Some of our best friends had some fun birthday parties this week. Both these friends are moving away for medical school so we really have been and are going to continue to take advantage of all the time we have left with them!

Our friend B* had a baseball birthday party at the park. His wife knew the only way she was going to be able to give him a party for his 25th was if we played baseball. SO, we ate some good food then played a ball game. I was kind of nervous that I would stink at baseball, but I wasn't horrible and I had so much fun! I hit after Matson and he struck out, then I went up thinking I was definitely not going to hit a ball if he couldn't even do it. Then I totally did! I got to the base too. I seriously wanna play again! It was loads of fun!
My sis in law N*, me, and Brittany.
Matson snapped some random shot? I think it is funny.
It was a little chilly so C* got to cuddle up with his mommy.
Our other best friends little boy turned 1! It is crazy, that he is already 1. It seriously seems like yesterday that we went to the hospital on the day he was born and the day after and brought his wonderful mom, H*, a Kneader's sandwich because she wasn't feeling the hospital food. A year really can zoom by. C* is the best little baby and always so happy. He seriously is my favorite baby ever! His laugh is my favorite thing and you can just look at him and say something like, "I'm gonna get you!" and it makes him smile his big smile and laugh his adorable laugh!

There might be a little photo overload and I know he isn't my own child, but I can't resist. This just shows you a little bit of what our blog will be like when we have our own kiddos: a photo bomb.

H* (C*'s mom) had the cutest decorations.
These pictures are more for my memory of how cute it was.
His high chair, tassels, and banner were adorable
that H* made!
I thought I'd share how I made this little "cake banner"
that I stuck in my brownies.
Even though you can't tell it says "Happy Birthday"
 I just printed off the diamond letters here (there are so many colors). Then I cute out the diamonds. Next, I folded the diamonds into the triangles. Then I double sided taped the two sides together with the string/ribbon in the middle. Lastly, I tied them between two skewers. So easy. 5-10 minutes.

Ignore my hair that looks poofy. But he is so adorable in this shot!
He almost walking. I love practicing with him.
He looks like such a big boy!
Notice Matson's hand tickling his feet to get him to smile!
I am so happy that he liked our suitcase for him to use when they move away next month :(
Just means he and his parents will have to come back and visit lots!
Cake Time. He started out happy and taking some nibbles.
But as you can see..he had some tears. 
It was just too messy.
"It's my party I can cry if I want to."
 I can't leave you with just a sad picture of him...he ended the night still happy!
But bath time made it all better!
He even got to play with his new toys already!
And I gotta include a lovely picture of his mama who hosted
the cutest 1st birthday party ever! Don't they both look so happy?!
Love it!

Birthdays are so much fun!

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