Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dads as Good as Our Dads

Happy Father's Day to you all! We just wanted to show you just how cool our two pops are.

To my dad. I have always been his "little e-girl" and I love him so much. He spends so much time with us and is all about family, which I love! He really does so much for us.

All the Richards kids and Dad. 1992.
Dad and I at a Mariner's game.
Matson and my Dad in Cancun 2011
To Matson's dad. He is very hard working, giving, and sets a wonderful example for Matson and has made Matson the man that he is.

Matson has always wanted to be just like his pops!
Matson and his dad at our Wedding. August 2010.

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