Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dinner in Tinfoil. Yum.

Last night we went with Matson's family up the canyon to have a picnic, fire, and yummy tinfoil dinners!
Matson's hates my car, VW bug, but loves driving it in the summer.
I guess everybody loves a convertible.
Matson and his Dad.
Matson's older sister, her husband, and their pup.
We put what we wanted to eat inside the tinfoil. I put in lots of carrots along with some onions, chicken, some potatoes, a little cream of chicken soup, onion powder, and pepper. Matson chose beef and loads of onions. We we made them up and folded the tinfoil like a burrito.
Matson making his masterpiece tinfoil dinner.
You can see our "M" (the bigger one) and "E"
Next, it was cook and wait time. During this time we threw the football and then went "exploring" like boys do.
Matson loves testing out my athletic skills.
You can see my football spiraling quite well above me.
Adventure boy with his frisbee in hand?
Me with my nasty convertible hair and our dinners.

Perfectly cooked!
And yum...they were so good! After dinner we enjoyed roasted Starbursts and S'mores. Matson's family introduced me to the smartest thing ever for S'mores (tip below)!
Now you can really see my convertible hair.
Straight/curly because it is blown all around!
But man, those dinners were seriously delicious!
S'mores Tip: Create a little cave-like structure out of tinfoil for your chocolate piece and bottom graham to sit in while you roast your marshmallow with the chocolate piece sitting on top of the graham. The chocolate melts perfectly during this time so that once your marshmallow is ready then you just slide the mallow onto the chocolate and bottom graham, then place your top graham on top. Then BAM! You have the perfect S'more where the chocolate isn't super hard and is perfectly melted!
Seriously enjoying my s'more. Mallow all over my face.
Thanks to Matson's family for a very fun, summer evening!

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