Sunday, June 10, 2012

My Sister is Engaged!

Last night my little sister got engaged! So fun and exited for all that is to come. And we love N*, her fiance! He is such a kind, hard working, and fun gentleman. We are so happy that she found her Prince Charming.
The happy couple at the "Y" here in Provo, where they got engaged.

 She leaves on a study abroad in a week or two so we got lots to help her out with while she is gone and lots to do while she is here before she leaves for a month! I love weddings so I am all ready to help in anyway I can.

She already knows the style she wants and her colors...kind of earthy and natural. Our wedding planner that all of my siblings and I have used for our weddings describes the wedding as "rustic elegance" and I love that! SO excited.

She was smilin' like this all night!

Oh and here is her ring close up! Love it. So her.

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