Thursday, October 18, 2012

More Bounce in California

We went to California for a couple of days at the beginning of October. We had some free miles from our trip to Cancun last year that we needed to use so we went with T* and N* to meet up with my brother who lives in California. It was a fun trip. We went to Disneyland, California Adventure, and Six Flags Magic Mountain.

We arrived at Long Beach and headed to Fashion Island for some fun and dinner. I seriously wouldn't have minded if we just spending our whole vacation there...Matson and our credit card bills would have to disagree. It literally is a fashion island of paradise. So many shops. I gotta go there with my mom and sister sometime. We'd have a hay day. 

Anyway...we ate at R+D Kitchen for dinner. They have a small menu and I would say it was about $15-$20 per person. YET, the food was really good and I got a burger (which never happens, that's usually Matson's role) that was dayyy-yum good and HUUuuuuge. Let's just say my brother ate my other half for me. Matson ordered the french dip and loved it even more than the burger I ordered. The hand-cut fries were also pretty good.

My Big Burger. My mouth could barely fit that in it...and that's saying something.

After dinner we shopped around a little. Then headed to our hotel to just relax and get some sleep for our next full day of Disney fun! 

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