Saturday, October 20, 2012

California Adventure

Besides Cars Land, we did a lot of other things in California Adventure. Like...

1. Matson went on Toy Story Mania for the first time. And he loved it because he beat me.

2. We went on the new Little Mermaid ride. Haunted Mansion style with the forever circling carts, but the ride was actually really good! New favorite princess ride!

3. We made T*, who does not like ferris wheels, go on the sliding ferris wheel.

4. I got a little clammy and nervous all over again for Tower of Terror (click on the picture below). I just have no idea when it's going to drop! Most thrilling/scariest ride ever but I kind of like it when I look back on it.
CLICK ON THIS to make it bigger FOR A LAUGH.
Me and curly hair lady in the front win for most scared. Haha.
N* pointing to the camera is pretty great too.
5. We went on Screamin' a couple of times. Such a good CLASSIC roller coaster.

Please just look at the asians in front of us. I love it!
. And of course, The World of Color. They have redone the show since I last saw it and Matson got to see it for the first time. It is such a Matson thing so I was just as or more excited for him to see it!

Matson loved it and seriously we have soooo many pictures of colorful water on our computer now, thanks to him. We left World of Color just so happy and in the Disney mood.

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