Monday, October 22, 2012

You are NEVER too old for Disneyland

We walked into Disneyland before it was opened. We snapped the classic Disneyland pictures in the front of the park then headed straight to Tomorrowland.

While the boys grabbed a fast pass for Space Mountain, we got in the growing long line of Autopia. For some reason this line always gets really long throughout the day. We went there first and still waited a good 15 minutes, which was probably due to the gas go-kart cars breaking down every so often.

We went on Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters. I beat Matson...I know, I am a video game baller. We also went on Space Mountain, which they changed for Halloween by adding these little red ghost like creatures. Not my favorite add in, but it was still good. I'd just prefer the original.

Me working Matson in Astro Blasters.
I was obviously taking it very seriously.
All of us waiting in line at Space Mountain

We pretty much went on almost every ride and went everywhere, we even went to Toon Town and I don't think I had been there for since I was a youngin'.

We even made it to the petting zoo. Matson's first visit here.
He thought the goats were quite funny.
Food - Pretty much our whole Disneyland day was surrounded around food. When we would eat, what we would eat, what snacks we wanted, what rides we would go on because that was by a certain food place...yeah, that's how you know you are a chubby. Planning every piece of food you're going to put in your mouth.

Cafe Orleans - We were all starving so we stopped and ate in New Orleans Square (near Haunted Mansion) for lunch at Cafe Orleans. We had a super good experience eating here and left satisfied. Matson got the Monte Cristo sandwich, I got the Mac N Cheese (not on the menu for adults, but it is so good and you just gotta ask for it since it is only on the Children's Menu), and we got 2 baskets of the pomme fries. MISTAKE. We could barely finish one basket because the meals were large but OH MAMA they were good. Fries tossed in parmesan, garlic, and parsley! Cafe Orleans is more expensive than other places in the park, but you get a full meal that fills you up which is worth the money rather than paying for a not so good pizza in Tomorrowland.

The popular Monte Cristo Sandwich. Soft fried bread around ham, turkey, and cheese and served with a berry dipping sauce and fruit. Matson loved this sandwich, although it was a little too bready.
I am a huge mac n cheese lover. This one was good and fresh.
I loved that it was served with fruit and veggies...adds in some nutrition!
The dip it is served with is deliciously addictive.
Tiki Juice Bar by Dole - You can't go to Disneyland without having a Dole Whip. Seriously, so yummy. Even though the line is rather long (we waited in the second sneaky line inside the tiki room entrance/waiting area, that was long too), it is so worth and very refreshing. We were in line for about 20 minutes in early October...just to give you a little idea of how long it takes.

We shared the Dole Whip Float. The pineapple soft serve on top of the pineapple juice. 
Corn Dog Truck on Main Street - We ended our time in Disneyland with a corn dog from the red corn dog truck right off main street. for a somewhat sort of/kind of dinner (we shared since our lunch and dole whip filled us up so much). We just had to. They are not your usually corn dog. They are so fresh and so delicious. We just got the corn dog, even though the menu only has the option of ordering it with chips or apples and a drink. You can just get the corn dog.

We gobbled this thing right up, I barely got a picture. 


  1. K did you know this is my dream vacation? Disneyland AND six flags?? So lucky!! Go you for conquering your fears at Six Flags. We are going to Disneyland next month and I'm definitely getting one of those corn dogs. Thanks for the tip yo.

  2. love your crazy pants with mickey shirt!! STYLIN!