Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Facing My Fears at Six Flags

Our last day in California was all about Six Flags Magic Mountain which is known for all its coasters. This does not mix well with me. I am much more of a Disney person, I love Screamin' over California at California Adventure, but a ride where you feel like your body has no control is no bueno. I am so afraid of roller coasters.

Most people who have a fear do not like to touch those fears with a ten foot pole. When was the last time you saw someone with a fear of spiders put a tarantula on their hand and be totally ok with it? I am the exact same way, so when we all discussed Six Flags I thought, "Oh H to the L no! I will not be going on any of those roller coasters. I'll just watch and take pictures like a little mommy." We arrived right when it opened and it was not busy at all. We walked right onto our first ride Tatsu. (Tip: We got to the park right when it opened on a Friday in October and were done with ALL the rides by 4pm, which was when it started to get busy due to people getting off work and school). We got on. I sat between my brother and Matson. They both told me this was probably the scariest ride besides X2 the mother of all roller coasters and I literally could not believe I was strapping myself into this mess. WHAT AM I DOING!?

We started climbing up, we got going and I won't lie, I am putting this all out here for you people -  instantly there were tears falling down my cheek. Who am I? A 2 year old little girl? I felt like an idiot for it but more than anything I was scared out of my pants so I didn't really care that I was crying. My hair was flying around, small tears were raining off my face and all while the two beside me were screaming out of excitement. I closed my eyes and waited for the dumb coaster to be done.

However, halfway through the ride I opened my eyes a little bit and my tears had flown away a loop ago. It wasn't half bad! I walked off not feeling totally great, but it wasn't completely horrible. I faced my fear and I would say I conquered it. I went on all the roller coasters all right after each other since there were no lines. I was nervous but I just did them. Since we were going and going and going on these with no wait, I really started feeling sick after Goliath (probably our 10th or more coaster), which I blacked out on.

I only have this one really bad lighted picture off my brother's phone of N* and I from Six Flags because I didn't want to bring a bag on all the coasters and worry about my phone flying out of my pocket.
I ended my day of coasters after going on the first loop roller coaster in America, Revolution. That one was just old-fashion shaky that more played with my bladder than my excitement. I waited while they went on X2 a couple of times. Then everyone was feeling sick and a little tired due to the constant roller coastering I know it's not a word, so we bounced after going on all the rides.

Ride Ratings:
Most Unsafe: Colossus - They run it backwards during the Halloween season. We sat in the back, so we couldn't see anyone else behind us and seriously I thought we were going to fall off the track. It was intense going backgrounds on this huge wooden roller coaster and not knowing what was coming.
Least Scariest Yet Still Thrilling (At least for the roller coaster handicapped): BATMAN The Ride
Highest Thrill: Tatsu - I didn't go on X2 though. You ride laying down pretty much - like flying.
Most Likely to Get You Sick: Goliath - Due to the G-Forces I seriously saw multiple big black dots.
Craziest: The Green Lantern - This is a vertical roller coaster. A very cool concept that I had never even seen and it was very intense. Go look it up on YouTube or something.


  1. Good for you Erica!
    I can't do roller coasters anymore. I used to be fine with them, but I get so motion sick on rides these days.
    Justin and his sister both blacked out on goliath when we were there last time. I didn't ride any rides. lol.

  2. I hate Tatsu because I felt like I was going to fly out at any time. Goliath was my fav because I felt more safe, although I'm pretty sure I blacked out a few times on it. X2 is by far the best, sorry you missed it ;)