Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

There is nothing, I repeat nothing, better than a 3 day weekend especially when it includes family, friends,  lots of sleep, nommy food, and tickle/laugh fests with Matson.

Friday night we met up with my sister A* and her boyfriend N* and our friends K* and H* and their little boy C* at Pizza Factory. We love when we get to play and see C*! I can't believe he is almost 1!
C* was so entertaining at dinner.
He has the best personality!
I love Cohen. So cute! And I guess Matson is cute too!
They both have their little grins on.
Then we went to Color Me Mine and painted the night away. I seriously feel like every time I go there it takes me more time to decide what to paint then it takes me to actually paint it. Matson tries to be all creative and sometimes it doesn't work out...I would show you his vase he made me last year but he would be embarrassed. But he made this once. I made a 4th of July little jar. So cute (well hopefully it is, we will get them back on Wednesday).

All of us at Color Me Mine.
N* and my sis A*. Aren't they cute?

After Color Me Mine, Matson and K* are always craving Cold Stone Creamery. So they got their shakes while H* and I got some soft serve at JCW's. We talked all night. I seriously could talk with H* for hours, she is a great listener, is so kind, fun, and a wonderful friend! Man, we are going to miss them...dang medical school!

We slept in too long. We went to a picnic party where it hard core rained (...haha I just said hard core) and Rookie the little drama dog that she is was shaking because she was "so cold". So we Matson babied our little drama dog and put her in his coat.

We watched a rainy day movie, That Thing You Do. Matson had a meeting. I cleaned. We went to the gym. We went out to dinner with friends at Guru's...those fries! Then chatting the night away with friends was a great end to the day. (I took no pictures of our date night. FAIL. I need to get better at photo taking that isn't just on my phone).

We ate German pancakes (of course, that's the only thing Matson will eat for breakfast on the weekends) and then we went to church, where my little 4/5 year old Primary class children learned about how Jesus loves children, but these 4 and 5 year olds are so dang smart that we kind of turned that lesson into a lesson about how Jesus loves everyone even if they make mistakes or sin (I think I needed that lesson more than them to remind me of how I should love everyone too and that everyone sins differently and I shouldn't judge them).

Little A* in my class is kind of the class goof and said the best prayer of telling us his whole day like, "Bless me that I ate breakfast, I got my clothes on, I sat in church, I colored, etc..."and the saddest thing? We had a lesson on prayer last week! Oops, I didn't do too good.

We napped for waaaay too long like I am saying all afternoon.

A little work. Boys golfed. Girls went on an afternoon bike ride that turned into a shopping trip of biking all over Provo/Orem. The boys put together the grill.
N* and I had these same Old Navy shorts on.
A* and I had on this same Target Kids XL top.
We ended a wonderful Memorial Weekend with  little visit to my sister's grave, a Memorial Day dinner with my family, and the Bachelorette.
Me, Rookie, and A* at our sister Rachael's grave.

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