Sunday, May 27, 2012

Class of 2012

Matson's little brother, J*, graduated last Thursday from High School. It was kind of fun to remember my graduation day.
Us with the Graduate.
Me on my Graduation day with one of my best friends K* (and my short hair)
Even though the actual graduation was a little long I may have stopped and gotten my guilty pleasure drink (a cherry fresh lime) beforehand to give me energy to sit through the whole ceremony, it ended up not being too bad except for the District guy that "accepts the graduates". Why do they always speak so long? I will cheer so loud the day I go to a graduation and the District person just says, "Congrats and I accept you?" haha.
My HUGE cherry fresh lime.

You could say Matson was bored.

So bored that I found 20 random pictures on my phone afterward.

It was still fun, good to see Matson's grandparents, and great to see J* graduate!
It will always be funny to Matson and our brother in law C*
 to ruin each other's pictures.

Matson and Grandpa

Always goof balls.


  1. Love your outfit too! My dress is Madison from Soel.

  2. aw, some of these pictures are just too funny for words! congrats to your brother on his graduation :)
    xo TJ