Friday, May 4, 2012

Sports Connection

We went to the Jazz game a couple weeks ago. It was a killer sweet game. Killer sweet? What the heck I speak so weird. (random story: my friend B* and my sis in law N* have realized how I insert the phrase "butt hole" in front of everything. Like "that is butt hole ugly" or "I am butt hole thirsty"...anyway, now they always make fun of me for it. Oh well I will probably still continue to say it and just to point it out to you I will go back and bold and purposefully use it in this post.)

So anyway......back to the real reason for this post. We went to the Jazz Game and had a wonderful time. Thanks to Matson's job at Vivint they awarded him with some box tickets to the game.

He was butt hole excited and not just for the game, but for the box seats and the food and everything. This game fell on a day during finals week, so this was a waaaaaAAAaay nice break from finals. We rushed from parking to get there. I will admit that I didn't mind the nice treatment and ate a butt hole of carrots. I probably ate more carrot sticks than a huge 20 pound rabbit eats in a month during that game and I thoroughly enjoyed them.
Matson's game face on while rushing to get to the game.

The game went super long (3 overtimes, it was sweet) and I seriously was into it hard core. I was screaming and cheering and jumping up. It was like a new sporty Erica decided to check in. Matson loved that new Erica and we connected on a whole new level: Sports. It was crazy and I learned a great lesson. Lesson Learned: Get into sports, and not just to get into them to have fun at games but to make the Mister happy.
I do not like the iPhone eyes.


  1. I love this. It is so true you say that word like its NBD in any sentence. haha love it!

  2. I actually really LOVE to go to Jazz games, but I can't get into it as much when it's just on TV for some reason. It is true though, husbands do like it when you show interest in what they like. :)

  3. what a good lookin' couple :)