Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Lemonade Stand Challenge

You see the adorable neighborhood kids. Standing on the corner with their "Lemonade - 50 cents a cup" poster and immediately you make up all these excuses in your head of why you don't have time to stop.

This has been me forever. I always think, "Oh, how cute!! But I have to be at the store or work (or insert excuse)."

Wellp, not this summer. My husband is an entrepreneur, I always had lemonade stands growing up, and so I am all for it. Therefore, I gotta support the lemonade stand kids! I have made a promise to myself this summer that I will stop at every single lemonade stand I see!

Already this summer I have stopped at 3 lemonade stands, one while being on a bike ride with my mom.
So friends, I challenge all of you to join me in stopping at every Lemonade Stand you see (or at least most of them)! All you gotta do is give them a few of those quarters or loose change rolling around in your center console.

Leave me a comment and tell me if you are going to join me in The Lemonade Stand Challenge!


  1. I always stop too, but I have to admit that I often dump out the watered down drink when I'm far enough away from the cute kids!

    1. I dump it out more than often too. But I still stop.

  2. Erica, you are hilarious. Thank you for this post.. challenge accepted!

  3. Best part of summer!