Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Little Shopping in Vegas

Last Friday (April 27th) after work my siblings (minus J* who is finishing up his 1st year of law school in California) and us two drove down to Viva Las Vegas. We arrived in Las Vegas at 9:30/10ish when we met up with my parents, grabbed a little Coldstone treat, and dove right on into the shopping.

We shopped the Forum Mall at Caesar's Palace. Found some goodies at the H&M there and then headed to bed late. Matson and Tyler had fun at the Nike NFL Jersey Release day event.
Matson at the Nike Store event.
The next morning on Saturday, the guys and gals split since the guys can't handle shopping all day. Let's just say that my sister, my Mom, and I have shopped this way for years in Vegas and know all the best places to hit. It was my sis in law's first time coming to Vegas so my mom was super excited to show her the ways and welcome her to The Richards Girls shopping day. haha.

We grabbed some breakfast at Einstein's and then headed out to the Primm Outlets. Usually we spend 2 maybe 3 hours there but we were there from about 10:30 to 5. We were there so long and only took one break to go grab some snacks from the car and drop off the bags. THE BEST DEALS EVER THERE. I seriously found some killllller deals. You guys would be shocked at some of the stuff I got and the price in which I got them for.
Some serious excitement about Einstein Bagels.

Ignore my nappy shirt poofy out all weird!?
But man, can a bagel satisfy me. So good. 
Just some of our receipts from the day. Oops?
Don't worry this wasn't all my damage,
we went in together a lot to get the bigger deals.

After Primm, we shopped at Charleston Premium Outlets. We met the boys there (no surprise when my dad ended up just letting Matson and my brother T* take his Lexus to meet dad hates shopping). We shopped there for an hour or so, but really we only shopped for the boys because we had gotten so many good deals earlier I wasn't so interested. Matson found some cute shorts at J.Crew and some other good finds.
He was sitting outside a store like a little kid waiting for me to be done.

Still smiling after a full day on our feet. Seriously my arches were sore.

After a long day of shopping it was past 9pm and we met up with Dad finally at Battista's Hole in the Wall Italian Restaurant. The food there was so delish, but we ended up in a room with 20 bachelor idiots who were seriously yelling at the top of their lungs and then the next second they were "shhhing" (shhhing=telling everyone to shhh/be quiet). It was so weird. Drunk people are so dumb. The food was way good though.
Showing Matson and the guys the long receipts.

These two pretending their Dr. Pepper is like the wine at the crazies table.
After some din din, us girls took a look at everything we got back at our hotel and had our own little party. Then I drifted off to sleep.

Sunday we met up with my mom's cousins and Aunt Helen. It was great to meet up with them and see them. For the rest of the day we chilled by the pool and had a nice last day in Vegas. The weather was killer hot and only 86! I can't wait for it to be hotter here in Provo!
These two goobers acting like children. Always.
Laying by the pool. Shading our faces with our books.
Except Mom.

We took a stupid bathroom picture. I know, we are dumb.

I was amazed by the Aria's sweet features. Sweetest toilet and elevator and instead of the dumb little card outside your door that you want service, it is a digital thing.

Thanks Mom and Dad for the fun weekend in Vegas! We really had a great time with all the family and relaxing after a long semester of school. Just what we needed.

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