Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Little Confession

Everyone that knows me knows that I love children. LOOOVE them.

Now, I have a little confession...I might just a little bit be baby hungry.

Just the thought that I could have my own little child seems so exciting and special, yet crazy and nerve wracking!

No, I am not pregnant. And no, this does not mean that I will be having a child now or anytime soon. I still have a year and a half left of school and I know that if I had a kid now I would not be a good student. When I am a mom I want to be able to be a FULL TIME Mommy, not a half student/half mom. By being a nanny and thinking of having my mom home full time, I have seen how important a mom is in a child's life.

This just means I am a little baby hungry and have realized how wonderful that time will be when it comes. Someday.

I have found the solution to this little problem. TA DA. Our friend's children. For now, these little kiddos bring Matson and I some good laughs and fun times until we have our own someday!

So now is the time when I brag about all our friend's cute little kiddos.

Matson's best friend, M*'s sister has the cutest little children. We are jealous of Matson's friend M* for having the cutest little nephew and niece so sometimes we pretend to be their aunt and uncle.

Little T* wanted to come home with us in Matson's "cool, big truck."

Matson and I with T*'s new little sister C* at her baby blessing luncheon.
I love this video of us and our friend's little boy C* from 2 or so months ago. We were playing peekaboo for a long time and he would get so scared. He is so fun to play with! Such a happy little boy.

Last Saturday we had C* and his parents and some other friends over to swim
and enjoy this nice warm weather here! He was too much fun.
He is adorable.
And congrats to our other friends B* and B* who just found out they are having a baby boy!

Wellp, see ya later peeps. I apologize for myself and my vomit of the mouth post about me being baby hungry which you probably do not even give an ant's bottom about. And just for the sake of not having an awkie (I never say that in real life but man, doesn't it feel good to type it?) conversation about me wanting babies but not wanting to have babies yet, you can just read this and we will just leave it at that.


  1. That video makes me so happy! You guys are going to be the best parents...lucky lucky babies! Cohen loves you both and for good reason! :)

  2. You're going to make great parents someday. Until then, you are welcome to steal my kids any time you want. lol

  3. haha I totally feel the same so everyone is automatically like "you're going to have kids right now??" and I'm like "no, I wish." so we pretend my nieces and nephews are ours, haha someday. you're going to be a great mama.

  4. Darling. You are going to be the most wonderful mother ever! And... if we ever are looking for a babysitter, I know who to call :)

  5. im not even married yet and im baby hungry haha! love love love kids! xo