Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Thrilling Tradition

every year ok really only the last few years we have gone with Matson's sister and our bro in law to Thriller presented by Odyssey Dance Company.
 Ladies, you need to go because A) it is dancing...that's a plus for you (and it isn't all dancing, there's singing and lots of humor) then B) it is Halloweeny and brings out that Halloween spirit...that's a double plus for you and the hubs and C) They have discounts for students hallelujah, that's a plus for us BYUers and college people. Next, D) it has guns, knives, etc. so that's a plus for the hubs.

All in all everyone is happy. But if you have kiddos...
probably not the best to bring em. Get a sitter. 

They added some new dances that were good. But I still had my favorites I love the river dancing one. I laugh every time one of them get shot. The bright lights in certain dances fuh-reaaks me out. I jump every dang time.
What a great impression of a bear?

Matson's sister and her husband. They introduced us to Thriller when we were dating.

People you still have a couple more days to go. It stops this Saturday, the 29th. GO!
 Much fun and I look forward going every year.
See ya next year, Thriller!


  1. Oh Thriller is so fun!!! love your coat by the way! Looks like you guys had a fun night!!!

  2. Erica! Haha I actually thought that was your sister in law but I was only like 60% sure so I didn't say anything, how funny is that! ...and yes you were right she is the blonde on the bottom left!