Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our General Conference Weekend

General Conference is like another holiday for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We spend time with family, eat traditional snacks and meals, and get to listen to wonderful stories/talks/inspiration!

I loved General Conference this October 2011! It was such a treat. 

We watched Saturday together and in between session played pickle ball with my parents and sister. Then Sunday we watched morning and had breakfast with Matson's family then Afternoon with my family and my Sunday birthday dinner that I talked about ______ Anyway some stand out talks for me are:
  • Sister Elaine Dalton's Talk - I literally wrote a whole full page of notes about wonderful tips for parenting not just daughters and fathers but for mothers and all your children. 
  • Elder Carl B. Cook's talk - This one still stand out because I loved the story he told about him seeing President Monson in the elevator. I love this quote and I think that I want to hang it in my house or in a little boy's room or something in the future that says, "It is better to look up!"
  • And of course, President Monson's fun first little happy intro. I was seriously laughing so hard that he got up a little late after the hymn and said, "Hello!...I wonder who I should call upon to substitute for me?" Such a great man, Matson and I kept saying how without really knowing him he makes you feel like you are best friends. He makes me feel like he is talking to ME and that every little joke is to make ME laugh. Matson also said that he felt like he could go sit one on one with him and talk about anything seriously anything with him. I think that is so true and that is a very Christlike attiribute.
For Saturday Priesthood Session slash BUSIEST TIME EVER AT THE MALL besides Christmas and Black Friday, my sister and my mom and I usually just eat a quick dinner or as some say a tip free dinner (Cafe Rio, Noodles & Co., or Rumbi's). We went to Rumbi's got our usually dishes. So we had our usual Priesthood Session din din but we did not do our usual activity. We usually make cards and watch a movie at home or go shopping at less busy shops like T.J Maxx or random strip mall like places. This October General Conference though we did not do the usually. We decided to go shopping at the mall during the BUSIEST TIME EVER AT THE MALL besides Christmas and Black Friday. At first I was not happy that my Mom had a return at the mall but MAN oh MAN, I am so glad we did because ladies and gents I scored big time! I found some of my newest favorite things ever! 

My daring sister wears beautiful, daring outfits. I on the other hand am a little more classic. But she helped me to go out and try some on some of the new trends and some more daring colors and such. I loved everything I bought (with birthday money, thank goodness!). I seriously cannot wait to wear them all. But I haven't worn any of them yet because I feel this way: 
I seriously feel this way! What if I wear a cute outfit and no one cares? Not that I need attention ok maybe just a few compliments don't kill...I think I need to post about this problem of mine of holding off on wearing new clothes. Anyway, hopefully I will wear all my new clothing items and share with you all about them and then you can high five me in the blogging or at least on my blogging world high five me=leave me a comment. 
My sister and I waiting for the movie to start being weirdos?
All in all Conference was the best ever! With the yummy traditional Conference food, a fun movie Moneyball (we saw it after Priesthood session with the guys), family time, shopping, wonderful words (talks), and all the other traditions that go along with General Conference. This was my first year since my senior year in high school of taking notes and it really helped me to listen and pick out things that meant a lot to me. 

I hope your Conference weekend was a wonderful weekend too!

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  1. Thank your mom for the cute Halloween pillowcases she gave the boys. They were so excited to sleep on them last night! Brayden has told me over and over again how much fun he had at Aunt Susy's! He was telling me about your how fun your backyard was and he was like, "Mom, she has a pool that it not even the blow up kind. It's like a REAL pool." Haha, so funny. I'm glad they got to stop by and see you guys :)