Monday, October 24, 2011

should I make a change?

a change to my hair is always a risky thing. and an expensive thing. so I need your opinions.

my sophomore year in high school I went blonde and dang short. no way doing that again-I got that out of my system-but here for some laughs and giggles.
When we got married, my hair was same color as it is now. But I had side bangs and hair was a little shorter. Do I cut my bangs short/side swept again?
My hair now is long-ish (I want to grow it so I am not cutting it shorter). I have not dyed my hair for 3+ years, so this is my 100% natural hair color.
bangs at awkward length

friends I want to make a change again. but should I? you are going to help me.
read all my reasonings and such below then leave me with your opinions, friends.

1. Right now my hair is getting long-ish. I want it longer. So there decision made not cutting it shorter.
2. My bangs use to be side swept bangs. Now just at the weird awkie length. So there is a decision I need to do something with my bangs but how? Full bangs or just side swept bangs (like in wedding picture) or keep growing them out?
Full bangs?
3. right now my hair is my 100% natural hair color. It has been the same for like 3+ years. So I kind of want a change. So options here: dye it a little darker/warmer brown (not black or super dark) or leave it at my natural color?
Like this hair color. A titch darker than mine but not killer dark.
Fall hair makeover. Here we come...


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to comment! :-) I am having the same debate with myself! I think dark is always fun for fall...but I think you'll look great either way! Love that kinda messy look though!

    (this is my new blog! Come on over and follow along if you'd like!)

  2. Dark is always fun.. but if you are going a lot darker than your natural you might wanna think about your roots and how often you will have to get your hair done (I think about these things now that I am married and poor haha) And with the bangs.... ugh I dunno what to tell you.... they can be so much fun, but are a pain to grow out at the same time. But hair is hair.. it will always grow back! Best of luck though! Can't wait to see the new hair!!
    xoxo Amber

  3. Wow! You look like a totally different person with your blonde hair, it definitely brings out your eyes! I love the first picture of the girl with messy hair, but I don't see you as a "messy" hair girl lol You would always have to curl it. Have you tried splitting it in the middle? I gotta see how it looks!

  4. E i don't think ill ever forget that song practice where you made your grand entrance as a BLONDE!! I like the idea of going a tiny bit darker. But agreeing with Amber, you gotta keep up with it. I can get away with it cause i wear my hair up all day almost everyday for zumba purposes! haha

  5. Go a tiny bit darker. Not too much cause it would wash you out.. But it would look soo pretty just a really rich darkish brown. I say start growing your bangs out cause it would be super pretty to do it messy curls with no bangs, just face framing layers. So for now just blend them and be patient while it grows. Take biotin to speed up the process of growing! Id love to do it, im working at amara! Text me if you wanna make an appointment!