Monday, October 17, 2011

The Tradition of Pumpkins

We had some friends over on Friday (the 14th) to carve pumpkins with us. Everyone is super creative in their own way, but I must say no matter how good or not my pumpkin turns out, it is still such a fun tradition to do each year!
Matson cutting into my pumpkin for me!
My brother and sis-in-law starting to carve into their pumpkin!
Everyone was super into their pumpkins.

Tali was slicing and dicing his pumpkin up.
This is the only picture of T* and C* that I took. I promise they carved their pumpkins and it was a good one! They just finished first and chilled while all the rest of us took our sweet time.
Our Finished pumpkins for this year, 2011! Matson had his pumpkin sit on its' side, kinda creeper pumpkin face. My not so original pumpkin.
Our friends T* and C*'s pumpkins. Both was their first time carving pumpkins?! Crazy huh! But they did great! T*'s pumpkin is suppose to be like our Frankenstein decoration (which is why the frankenstein is in the picture...for your reference). Ha!

Every year (at least since we have been dating) we have carved pumpkins together. We always try to be super original and not do your average jack-o-lantern face. This year though I did not want to spend hours on a pumpkin that you throw away at the end of the month, so I resulted to the average jack-o-lantern face. We still have some more pumpkins to carve that I bought so maybe in a week or so we will be super creative again.
2009 Frankenstein Pumpkin - We cut it, painted it, put ribbon in it, and it took us like 3 hours.
My 2010 Beware! Pumpkin - I will be honest, I followed a pattern but it still took me an hour and was kinda hard!
2nd time doing pumpkins in 2010 - Matson did the big pumpkin and I did the little one. The little one is eating a piece of the big one. Pretty funny!

Have any cool pumpkin ideas for me? Leave me a comment with your creativeness.

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  1. We had a fun night with everyone! Thanks Tanner's for hosting :)