Friday, August 5, 2011

Later Skaters.

Tomorrow more like tonight because our flight leaves at 1am (saves us money, peoples) we are leaving for our cruise and I am out of this world excited! I am going to eat but hopefully not gain 10 lbs., spend lots of relaxing and fun time with Mister Matson, and have loads of fun with the people going with us on the beach and the ship!  Have fun, while I relax in white sand paradise! Guys, I am trying to make you all it working? Probably not.

Matson had a big work party yesterday and then last night we went to Scera Shell's Production of Aida. What a kick off to our vacation fun, right?

Mats had a blast on the lake at the party.
Check out my husband from the back? He turned that thing around fast I couldn't get a picture of him forward. You might just see a little bum crack? oops.
At Aida together. Really has some good singers in it!
Well as I said before, Later Sk8ters!
I usually think using numbers in your words is ugly but today=totally loving it.

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