Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cruise 2011: Day 2

I said this in Day 1 post of our trip but I will say it again...this will probably be long so Read all you want or just look at the pictures which is what I do when I read magazines. 

Day 2: San Juan
Ate breakfast at the 801 restaurant in our hotel. We lied to our hotel saying that our "friends" met up with us at the hotel so we needed them to keep all our luggage. But really we all stayed at the hotel and shared  a room and only told them that two of us were staying there because they charged extra if 4 adults were in a room and we are cheap young college student couples. After breakfast we headed to the San Juan Fort. Yes, it sounds boring and historical which is totally usually not me BUT it was really interesting and you could look out over all of San Juan and see all the pretty views. 

I'll let Matson introduce to you about it and let T* tell you about pretty much our whole trip of dumb taxi drivers in the video below:

We were just about to go in the first tunnel of the fortress. Low ceilings..
 In between the picture above and the next picture Matson took this video of us being goobers:

My husband is reallllly great at opening his eyes in pictures. NOT. I think we have just 10 of these from this trip.
All these cannon balls piled on top of each other=a manly picture?
Matson was super excited because it really was his first time even seeing a cruise ship! He just had to get a picture with it. I love experiencing new things with Matson he gets so excited about things and he helps me to appreciate things so much more, when normally I would just be like oh there's the cruise ship...

All of the tunnels and archways were very short. Matson loved that he was super close to hitting it, made him feel tall.
A well in the fortress. Started to make me think about drinking out of it. Yuck, thank you modern pipes and plumbing!
They locked me in this dungeon room where some explorer guy was locked in and drew ships all on the walls.

After seeing this side of the fortress there is a 2nd part to it that was a little walk away. I think to get into one it was 3 dollars per person or something then to see the other one it was 2 dollars.
On the walk over we looked down and saw this really cool basketball court. Matson wished there was like a hard core game going on to watch.
Me in front of El Morro. In the field behind me there were a lot of people flying kites and picnicing (I know not a word but I use it).
My disrespectful husband mimicking Mary in this picture. We took this fast because we did not want to get in trouble from an old Puerto Rican woman.
Matson and I sitting on the wall of El Morro looking at the ocean.
A cannon...rusted and old but still cool.
After El Morro, we left and headed again to eat at our favorite yummy Pizza place that I talked about in Day 1. Got ourselves pizza again. Then went back to the hotel to pick up our luggage they were holding. Next we went to the cruise ship and went through the 30 minutes of annoying junk to get on the cruise ship.
Matson and I in front of the Carnival Victory
We went on the Carnival Victory, I had never been on a Carnival cruise. They definitely have more to do at night compared to other cruise ships I have been on, but it is not as nice as Royal Caribbean cruises or Princess cruise (the only 2 cruise companies I have been on-3 Royal Caribbean and 1 Princess). Even though the other ships are a little nicer and a little higher class, if I went again on this ship trip I would choose Carnival again just because it is half the price as Royal Caribbean and they go to pretty much the same ports and you still have the same fun. Who needs a little nicer dining room or theater?

We ate dinner with our swim clothes on because our luggage did not get up to our rooms on time for dinner kind of annoying to be in yucky clothes at a nice dinner but it was ok we did not sit in our normal spots that night because the first night was a little more casual you could do what you want. So our waiter that night was Jimmy and he teased us to death all night. One time he came over with a plate and asked C*, "did you have the chicken tenders?" and C* was all " Who got chicken tenders?" Then all of us shook our heads no and thought oh no there is a mess up. Then Jimmy places the plate in front of C* and we all started laughing because it was the fish that C* order, Jimmy was just messing with us!
We were all out on the deck after dinner when the ship was leaving the port.
Matson loves nighttime lights and such so he (I guess we) enjoyed looking at San Juan at night.
 F* all you bad thinkers: this does not stand for a swear word...this would be an appreciation for our friend's name ok ok back to F*, she for some reason did a toe touch randomly then we both started doing cheer like moves. It was hilarious because later that night someone came up to F* and asked her, "were you one of those girls doing cheerleader moves?" Uh...yes we were one of those weird crazy "drunk off water" chicks. we were being watched...embarrassing cause those toe touches of mine were not cute.

(Get your announcer voices out again people) Next on Every Saturday is Waffle Day you will come along and learn about one of our favorite days of the trip in St. Thomas!

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