Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Cruise 2011: Day 3

again peoples you do not have to read this. this is for me and I guess for the die hard Every Saturday Is Waffle Day followers...so just look at the pictures and videos and maybe leave me a comment telling me that I am cool because my blog post slash me entertained you for 30 seconds of your long life.

Day 3: St. Thomas
St. Thomas-I did not know what to expect and I had no high expectations or anything, but I look back now and it easily could of been my favorite port (and not just because I got my new favorite purse there at a flea market).
Welcome to ST. THOMAS. best thing about this picture=Matson's eyes are closed. Did I not tell you that he closes his eyes in every single picture...we will need a whole post about my husband's closed eyes in photographs disorder very soon.
We started the day shopping at the shops right by where we got off the ship but that was expensive and in other words is a waste of my time but we did look around just for a little bit anyway. 
a white rasta man I found for sale in a shop

seriously so many guys in the Caribbean pull this look off well. Me=not so much.
 Like I said earlier we decided to leave the shops fast cause once I saw one of those horrible quality, nasty, shrinks after one wash "someone who loves me went to St. Thomas and bought me this t-shirt" shirt for $12 I knew it was time to hop out of the tourist shopping area.
Yeah it doesn't say St. Thomas..but you are catching my drift ya?
That is when we decided to walk the quick mile to the flea market, but MAN it was toasty hot.
Just walking on St. Thomas's boardwalk with all the pretty yachts and our cruise ship behind me
We saw this iguana just chillin' on the grass. Matson tried to get close and touch it but it just kept crawling away. Man those things crawl so weird looking (like a croc or gator) but they are surprisingly fast!

Us with (I think) St. John behind us

Matson stepped in something and so he needed to wash his feet off in the ocean. I promise on my life he did not make that cement dock sink down like that, it is just like that. I mean it was only our 2nd day of the cruise we hadn't eaten that much yet.

Our taxi driver "Supa" found us at the flea market and he ended up being pretty cheap and totally worth it he took us on a beautiful drive even though it was a little scary driving so close to other cars on winding hilly roads and he helped us decide not to go to St. Thomas's neighboring island St. John by saying, "If I am on St. Thomas I stay on St. Thomas. If I am on St. John I stay on St. John. Soooo you are on St. Thomas so you stay on St. Thomas." So there you have it people St. John is similar to St. Thomas so forget the $5-$10 ferry/boat ride over there and stay on St. T. Supa played his rasta music "supa" loud and told us all about the island including all his baby mamas (who happen to actually live in Florida?) And craziest thing, the other people on our taxi ride with us was a nice LDS family from Vegas that knew people we know there ♫ it's a small world Here's a video of us on the way to Coki beach from the flea market.
Coki beach may have been one of my favorite beaches that we went to on our trip. It had some of the funnest snorkeling (Matson, C*, and T* saw a shark...not just a little one but a real one. They were 20 feet away from it!) and we only rented the gear like $5 per person. There were a lot of pretty colored fish, I wish we had borrowed my parents under water camera.

Us in our snorkel gear!
The guys being guys. Then before we knew it BAM...

they were mooning the camera. i seriously think this was my husband's idea. of course. and tali was too fast for my old camera to catch.
This is when all of us women realized our husbands are not our husbands but more like our children i have actually always know this of matson but at this time on Coki beach it was truly apparent. If you don't believe me watch these next two video of them running into the water with their flippers on. They thought it was hilarious.

On our taxi ride back "Supa"for those of you wondering, his friends seriously call him Supa...so for now on friends in blogging world I would like to be referred to as "Uhmazing" waiting for us all day while we chilled at the beach then he took us back to our cruise ship but he took us on the scenic route and stopped to show us Megan's bay and other pretty places of St. Thomas.
Us all at a look out spot! I love that T* is video taping, even during a picture being taken. PS: just ignore my nappy part down the middle after beach but not cute after the beach hair look.
I promise my husband wears a shirt usually. he was just drying off after the beach. This is Matson with Megan's bay behind him.
We got back onto the cruise ship and got ready for our dinner. At dinner we met our waiter, Mario, and assistant waiter, J.R.. They were so cool and very nice!

After dinner we went and took those cheesy and SO not worth paying 24 bucks per print cruise photos with C* and T*. Just in case you can't tell...we took them as a joke.
Someone please buy Matson a little sailor hat for Christmas, it just looks so swell on him.
I believe this was the picture when our photographer said, "now look into her eyes." I am pretty sure he didn't say eat your wife.
 To end our night we went to a comedy show in a lounge on the ship. The comedian was hilarious, seriously one of the best comedians I have heard in a long time. His name is Percy Crews II, we got a kick out of him so much that we went to all of his shows!

Cue the announcer voice Next on Every Saturday is Waffle Day you will read allllll about our 4th Day on our trip which equals Sea Day.


  1. erica! im loving these day to days, it makes me want to go that much more!

  2. hahah i am doing them for you and people like you that wanna know what we did and tips..