Wednesday, February 9, 2011

shake your body like a belly dancer. no thank you.

Pet Peeve Alert. 
what is up with those girls at the gym and pulling up their shirts? or wearing just a sports bra?

here are the 3 kinds of women who wear them.
(i don't mean this rude but here is just a little bit of venting. 
oh and if one of these describes you i am sorry ahead of time)

1) the show off

yes, she has a nice body. yes, she goes to the tanning salon. but still we all know what you think is your secret. you want the guys over there in the "Men's Lifting Area" to check you out. Miss Show Off Woman, try online dating.

2) the unaware

yes, she may not have the best mid section. so why is she wearing only a bra on top? this is because she is UNAWARE. she is just riding along on her bike. then she feels the tacos forming and the river flowing down her back, so she pulls up her shirt and we all get a preview of her rolls. I feel bad for this type. They just are hot and want to shed some layers. i have no advice for the "unaware". just kind of not the best view.

3) the wannabe  

These are those who have the confidence of a "show off" and believe that they have the body of the "show off". BUT "unneccessaries", you don't. keep going to the gym just next time wear a tank top!


  1. ha ha i love this post mostly because this is what i think as well everytime i go to the gym and see these ladies.. :D thank you for sharing

  2. haha so glad we all have to wear the same thing at byui, but I know what you are talking about, so true.

  3. this is exactly true! i will admit, sometimes when sweat is profusely dripping from my forehead, I will lift up my shirt and wipe it off but then immediately put it back down! i may even know which ladies you are talking about.. specifically ones who look like body builders?? thank you for sharing my exact thoughts! :)