Monday, February 21, 2011


a couple days ago i came across my sis-in-law's photography blog
i had never visited her site before.
i came across her blog post about our wedding.
her images (even though she wasn't our photographer) from our  wedding were so great
and different than our other photographer's pics.
i sat there and looked at her images.

then all these memories of that day rushed into my head.
is it weird for me to say that i sometimes wish i could just be back at that day.
the temple was so emotional and a beautiful experience.
the reception was beautiful, my childhood wedding dreams were all coming true right before my eyes.
although there were hectic times, overall it was such a simply joyful day.
i have never felt more loved.

below are some of the images that t* took on that day that i have fallen in love with this week.
and you can click here to check out her website and then press "blog" if you want to see what she has been up to recently or click "works".

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  1. LOVEE. i so so wish we could have been there. i know it was gorgeous!