Saturday, February 12, 2011

my mister: the birthday boy

matson is one year older and [hopefully] wiser too.

1) his childish little boy laugh
2) the moments when he pulls me up or aside to just dance with me in the kitchen. no music. just old fashion dancing.
3) he can make the best sound impressions. seriously ask him to do mario's jumping sound.
4) i love when matson surprises me. i will come home to a cleaned up house or a made bed. he is always trying to help me out.
5) so i outta say some physical features..i love matson's smile, face, big physique, and his hands i know weird feature to like but they are strong and i just love holdin' his
6) when he mimics my voice usually it is when i am whining of being cold or hungry...even though it does not even sound like my voice. it is still hilarious.
7) i love that he always wants to look his best for me, he usually only does his hair on the weekends and he has two pairs of his fave nice jeans that he only wears on the weekend because he knows that is when he sees me the most.
8) when i see him with a baby or a young child it melts my heart.
9) i know this is lame...but i love that he loves going to the gym. it makes me happy that we both have a desire to stay in shape and we have made pacts that if we ever go astray off the healthy path that we would help and push each other.
10) whenever i ask him any question like "what do you want to eat?", "what are we doing tonight", or any question he always replies with "cha chi bagotchi". incredibly annoying to not get my question answered, yet hilarious every time.
11) Matson's BIGGEST fear is spiders. so funny that he is afraid of them, he freaks out. YET he still sprays for them and kills them for me. what a gent! that leads me to...
12) he is such a gentleman. he opens doors for me, walks closest to the street on the sidewalk, and never lets me clean the dishes by myself or make dinner by myself he always wants to step in and help.
13) he is so unselfish. i love that he gets into whatever shows i like to watch (american idol, bachelor, grey's anatomy, project runway, etc), yet little selfish me can't stand to watch one of his favorite guy.
14) i love matson's teasing. he teases me lots but it is for fun and i honestly think if their was a 6th "Language of Love" would be Teasing. And that would be Matson's way he shows love.
15) I love how competitive he is...sometimes it is not so great if he loses at rook or basketball or anything i just know to stay away for a good hour or so but his competitiviness always pushes him to do his best
16) i love how protective over his car he is. Just shows me in the future how protective he will be with his children? ok that's a stretch but for real.
17) he is such a hard worker. i know people say this about their spouses all the time but he seriously is.
18) i love matson's warmth. literally he is the hottest i am saying temperature wise, but he is the other type as well person i know. he is always hot so it is perfect for me because i am always cold. so he is like my own little personal heater!
19) i love that matson likes to shop. seriously when we were dating he HATED it. he would not even hold a bag because he was so embarrassed that he was shopping i had to hold it or his sisters when they went shopping with him NOW although he struggles he will hold his own bags and mine too. he likes to shop and find good deals with me even though he will probably deny it if you ask him.
20) when he mimics my dance moves in the car. which then starts a huge follow the leader dance session in our car. it can change a :( upside down.
21) matson has the funniest fears (i already mentioned one in #11) but i love matson's fears because they are totally hilarious. i can't tell you them all or he would be mad. but i will say one.........he is afraid of bathrooms except for our bathroom and his parent's bathroom. hey if you guys know of a phobia named for this let me know!
22) matson is the nicest person i know. he will help anyone. short side story: last year during winter we driving on a really snowy night to go hang out or do something and we saw this couple walking their scooter. it was snowing and icy. matson without even thinking about it stops immediately pulls over and asks the couple if they would like a ride somewhere. they said yes and were freezing so they got in the car to warm up and matson by himself lifted this huge scooter into the back of his truck. we come to find out that the couple had been walking since center street in orem all the way up canyon road and we had pulled them over just on timpview drive at the 4 way stop by Rock Canyon Elementary. anyway after that experience (this is when we were dating) i knew that matson was always going to be so generous and kind...even to strangers!
23) the way he loves everyone. especially me!

Look How He's Grown!
from this naked bum bum...
to this proud potty trained toddler...
to this handsome chap!


  1. Erica I love this! So cute! I think the right word for fear of bathrooms is Agoraphobia?

  2. Matt is actually super weird about bathrooms! Hmmm...wonder why they're BFF'!