Friday, February 18, 2011

birthday boy's birthday wrap up.

I am obsessed with surprising Matson on his birthday. Last year the whole day was full of surprises 6am birthday wake up, cleaned his car, decorated his room, candy poster, dinner, gifts, etc. This year I wanted to do the same. He knew nothing of what we were doing.
February 12th went a little like this:

12am - Rang in the Birthday with a Denny's Night with his buddies
10:30am - Breakfast with my Familia Matson got to eat his favorite breakfast-waffles and "eggscellent" and we opened his gifts from them he got nice gifts along with a Valentine radar detector (he was super pumped about it) from my parents
Matson's First Time in the Richards Family Birthday Chair
 1pm - He knew about this...but he had a little work party at the Provo Beach Resort. We went bowling and went on the Flo Rider. Matson had a much so that we didn't capture any pics of it. He was actually really good at it and he went a little crazy, he cut up his foot. N* and I just boogie boarded. Even though I am not a skilled surfer, I had loads of fun. 
5:30pm - We made our trek up to our surprise location with his new Radar Detector and all. Matson had no idea where we were going. First we stopped at Matson's favorite smoothie place Smoothie King.

Matson with his fave Smoothie King
7:00 pm - We walked around the Gateway Mall and shopped by now Matson knew what where we were going he was soooo excited.
7:30pm - Our reservation time for Fleming's. Matson had never been there. He is a HUGE steak guy, so I knew he would love it. We sat down and the waitress came over and said, "Matson, Happy Birthday!" He then looked at me shocked, "She knows it's my birthday?" So funny. He felt so special. We ordered, he was shocked at the priced, but was shocked at how good the steak and food was. He even got to choose out a free dessert. 
"Food is a way into a man's heart."
That is Matson to a
He loves Fleming's.  

10pm - Gift opening time.
12am - Our "Spouse Sleepover". We watched a movie, had treats, massage train, and I fell right to sleep. 
Matson Invitation to our "Spouse Sleepover"

You can get your own copy of the spouse sleepover invite HERE
Sunday - We celebrated with Matson's family. They made his favorite Sunday dinner meal and dessert. He got some fun games and his new favorite book, The Art of the Fart (thanks C* and T*, our entertainment for the week). Sorry I didn't have my camera this just imagine that I took some!

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