Monday, February 14, 2011

how sweet it is (to be loved by you)

i love the lyrics to the song above.
james taylor is the best.
so like the lyrics say: it is sweet to be loved by all of you.
instead of just focusing on matson + me this valentine's day
i thought i would say a little something sweet about each of our family members
(names shortened for privacy)
who show their love for me so much.

The T Family
  • Papa R-He is so hardworking and wise. He does so much for the family, and most of all I love him for his example he has been for Matson. He instilled the quality of hard work and many other qualities that a husband needs, in Matson.
  • Mama C-A very tender, thoughtful woman. I think she has sewn and fixed more things for us than anyone else. Weekly I come to her with a ripped sheet yes matson will not be putting the fitted sheet on our bed alone anymore, shredding towel, or even a too big of shirt that needs hemming or fitting. She does it fast and for free! She is also a wonderful cook and mother and is constantly asking everyone, "What can I do for you?".
  • Hermana T-She is one of the most creative people I know. She is so thoughtful and I admire her quality of how she puts her ALL in everything she does. She loves her family and is very forgiving and caring for them.
  • Bro C.A.-Even though when he and Matson get together I feel like they may have a man love for each other, I admire how he loves his wife. He continually amazes me how loving and kind he is.
  • Hermana K-When we cheered together in high school I always admired her hard work and how beautiful she is. I remember many times when my Mom and Dad would say that she was the most classic, and beautiful girl on the squad (I promise my dad is not the creepy type, just a nice comment).
  • Bro C.T.-Is very family centered. I admire that about C.T. Whenever I see him with K he always is so tender and he puts her before anything else, you can tell he loves her just by the way he looks at her.
  • Bro J-I love how me and him will catch eyes sometimes when Matson is acting funny or trying to act funny, and we just look at each other and instantly I can tell he feels how I am feeling and what it is like to live with Mr. Matson. J has a great heart and will someday be a great missionary, father, and spouse.
  • Roxy-Although she may be the old mama dog, and beg like none other but she is so loving and apparently matson is her favorite.
  • Daisy-Most spazzy little funny dog ever. She brings so much joy to the T Family and keeps us laughing with her crazy long legs.
The R Family
  • Daddy J-Smartest man I know he knows the answer to almost any random fact question, biggest teaser, and the only person that can truly make you smile with one phrase "Don't Smile". My Dad is the happiest, childlike dad!
  • Madre S-SUPER MOM! If you wanna challenge your Mom up against my Mom would win! She really does it all. More than weekly I come home from school with a little gift or bananas or something nice on my porch or in my mailbox, within the last year I have become closer to my Mom than ever before and I LOVE IT!
  • Brotha J-He is also one of the smartest guys I know but also has the sweetest heart he as a guy may think that is a lame compliment but he really does. and as of matson's birthday apparently he is quite the rapper.
  • Brotha T-Funny, happy, silly, and almost every positive adjective describes him. He is probably the only person that can make my dad or mom laugh when five seconds before that they were very angry he has been able to do this since we were kids. He is always fun to be with and a good friend to Matson and for that I am thankful for him too!
  • Sista N-She is the tannest girl i know (and year round sooo unfair) but more than anything i see the way she loves my brother and my family and how fast she has come to fit into our family. i love her too. I admire her ability to learn and desire, that goes a long way.
  • Sista A-Miss Style Queen, Friendly Butterfly, Movie Queen, Cookie Queen and honestly she is good at everything she does. She also knows me better than almost anyone. She knows how I will react to something or what I will say. She has always pushed me even since we were kids...i probably still would not be able to ride my bike if it weren't for her. I only did it because she took her training wheels off before mine.
  • Rookie-By far the best dog ever. I never understood when people cried when their dogs died. I now know what it feels like to be so attached to an animal. The little stinker is so fun and always wanting to play, she is so protective over our family and if someone hits someone else she barks at the hitter. She is my parent's little spoiled "grandchild" until they get a real grandchild.
Happy Valentine's Day Blogger World.

                                                                                erica sorry i just couldn't resist, i've been into Gossip Girl lately.

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