Thursday, July 12, 2012

Saint G

Nope I am not talking about some Catholic Saint (are the Catholics the ones with guys I am horrible). I am talking about this past weekend when we and my brother and his wife went to St. George, Utah. We had so much fun!

We left on Friday afternoon just in time to make it down to St. George, eat some dinner, and then go to Tuacahn to see Aladdin. The show was seriously good. There were a lot of special effects and it was pretty funny. We loved Iago and Genie - both their characters/actors were super funny.
Headed up to Tuacahn 

I missed the silly face memo.
One of my favorite things about the show was the little kid who sat by Matson. He was so adorable and sat criss cross applesauce the whole show in his chair. He would just randomly start to talk (like really talk, not whisper) to Matson in the middle of the show. He would say the most random things or ask Matson the funniest questions. He was totally eyeing one of Matson's treats I brought him, Trolli Eggs. Matson saw him staring at them and handed him a couple handfuls throughout the show. The best was that he saved them in his hand, they got all sweaty/sticky, he'd slowly eat them, and said, "wow these are pretty hard jelly beans."
Matson's buddy. I seriously loved this kid...
it gave me hope that if my son ends up being a little nerd I will be A.OK!
Excuse the water bubbles. There was mist going. As you can tell my curly hair.
After the show, the boys for some reason really got into the TV series Duck Dynasty. Dumbest show ever. They were zoned in.

On Saturday we slept in and then headed to a place people call "The Saddle" to hike. It was a super fun hike full of red rock and quite a pretty view! We were super hot though. I could of jumped in a freezing pool and it would of felt amazing, and for those of you who know me I am always cold so that's saying something.
My brother and Matson being guys.

We look pink from the red rock reflection
We swam the rest of the day until din din and the guys golfed. N*'s mom made us a yummy BBQ dinner before N* and I headed to Tuacahn again to see Hairspray! She had never heard the story, seen the movie, and then obviously hadn't been to it on Broadway. She loved it and so did I. Hairspray was a really good show and I honestly thought it was just as good as when I had seen it on Broadway in NYC.
Wild rabbits on the golf course where Matson and the guys went.

Nicole and I at Hairspray!
After Hairspray we played a game then headed to bed. Sunday included church, a yummy dinner, the hottest day ever (I was sweating all afternoon) and then the drive home.

It was a super fun weekend and thank you to our sister in law's family for letting us take over your home and for all the yummy meals!

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  1. We should do it again :) but this time get our nails done! AND go to the lake down there! It's fun!