Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Our 4th of July

The night of the 3rd we went to the Freedom Festival with Matson's family. Then late late later that night we biked down around the parade route to just check it out. 
Eating the yummy wood pizza at the Freedom Festival

Got us some free Red Bull
The morning of the 4th started with a homemade breakfast made by my mama and then a family bike ride to see the parade (watch as we biked along the parade route). After the parade we checked out the Freedom Festival, picked up some free ice cream, and then biked on back home. I love the whole biking the parade route tradition we've got started. It is a fun way to see the parade and not have to camp out or get all tired for. PLUS: you get exercise.

We were tired so Matson and I took a nap poolside...well actually Matson swam longer than he napped and I talked with my mama longer than I napped. We showered then headed to a family friend's BBQ party.
Little J* and I sporting our American flag pants we made together,
which I posted about here.
Stadium of Fire time. Dad spoiled us AGAIN and we all sat on the field again. It was seriously one of our favorite Stadium of Fires ever. Matson has been 3 times now all on the field and that was his fave, but I have been to probably 10 Stadium of Fires and I loved this one, but I don't know if I can call it a favorite?

Originally I thought, "What the heck? The Beach Boys?" But it was super entertaining and growing up listening to them it really was fun! Right when they started singing everyone (mostly the 50+ crowd) was up and dancing. My mother had a perma-smile on straight. There were times when Matson and I would look around at the whole stadium and majority of the people were dancing and singing along.
Dad and Mom enjoying the Beach Boys

I even have videos of them singing along.
There were so many guys like this.
Before the Beach Boys Scotty McCreery sang and he was super good and seemed much more comfortable than when we saw him last July at his first American Idol Concert in SLC (read here). And hey, he pointed at me when I stood up and yelled his name!
I was pretty much the only person singing along to Scotty McCreery.
I don't know every song but I knew some. 

The fireworks show was stellar this year. Better than years past I feel like.

Watching the fireworks together.
N* and I getting rained on by the ash. The programs made for great umbrellas.
After Stadium of Fire we went home and the boys put on their own firework show for us.

We hope you had a great 4th of July too! 

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  1. Your hair is getting so long! it's so pretty! you are so darling!! we were totally there at stadium of fire too! I'm sad I didn't run into you!