Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Week of Kiddos

Last week we were surrounded by children all week and we loved it!

Last Sunday we set up my family's outdoor movie screen and invited some family friends over to watch the kid friendly movie, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The K* family, C* family, and B* family were all there.
Miss B* and our set up of treats for our outdoor movie!
Matson and C* waiting for their movie to start in their BYU attire. 
Me and the girls and our set up for the movie. It was perfect weather for it.
But the K* family (who comes from 100+ Texas heat) was freezing. 
Every time I watch this movie I always remember how much I love it!
Then Monday through Friday I watched a family while their parents were out of town because my the family I normally nanny for were in Lake Powell.  I had so much fun with the kids! We swam, went to Riverside, and got a few snow cones. The girls and I even made a craft together which I will post about tomorrow!
Of course, shaved ice.
Poolside at Riverside Country Club
Shaved Ice! His tongue was so red!
The girls shot!

On Wednesday, we watched one of our favorite little buddies, T*. He is so funny and so energetic. It was so much fun to be able to babysit him that night while his parents went to an event.

Matson seriously was having so much fun playing with T*'s cars. 

Thursday night we went and saw our new little nephew and his parents again! It was so much fun to see him again out of the hospital!
Matson and Baby B*
The Aunties and our first little nephew!
Then the whole weekend we spent time with my family's good family friends the K* family. It was so much fun! We swam all day Saturday and then went to T*'s 40th surprise birthday party at Riverside Country Club. He was so surprised, it was a really fun party!
T*'s 40th Party
Matson with Baby S* at the Party.

After the party Matson and I took some of the K* kids on a little adventure.
After the party the boys pulled out the fireworks already and we started the 4th of July extravaganza early.

Us and L* out by the Fireworks
Matson and adorable L*.
Just before this he had bounced her all over the tramp, it was adorable.
We seriously were surrounded by kids all week and it was so much fun! And now we are super excited for the 4th of July!

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