Sunday, July 15, 2012

Bon Voyage

Some of our friends are leaving us for medical school this month. So before they left I really wanted us all to get together one last time. SOOO I threw them a "Bon Voyage" party. The theme was just nautical red and blue. We ate, played games, swam, lit lanterns, and just truly enjoyed our last moments with our friends.
The Invite
I made a watermelon boat!

I love C* (on the left) in this. Too cute.
Plus it was cute that the two little boys were kind of matching!

Water volleyball. 

Only down part about the whole thing was mother nature and her summer storm of rain and wind. The guys of course played hours of basketball to end the night while us ladies played games. Then they had to have Beto's (yuck, not my favorite so I went along for the ride).
They almost look like they aren't enjoying their food.
We are really going to miss all our friends moving away. And obviously you can tell the little boy C* is going to be truly missed! It has been so much fun to see him grow up right by us and I will miss seeing him! Plus, we will miss our other friends who are having their baby soon and we won't be able to meet him until December. Sad day. But it's ok in 8ish years we will all have our families and children and be able to create memories then whether it be back in Utah or we meet up for little reunions!

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  1. What a cute idea for a theme! Looks like a lot of fun, despite how bittersweet saying goodbye really is! xo