Monday, July 23, 2012

Do you ever feel like a plastic bag?

So we saw the Katy Perry movie, Part of Me, and dang it was so good. I am no where near a "Katy Cat" but I was so into this movie. I would watch it again...maybe not pay the full price but I would totally watch it again right now.

I am loving these documentary movies slash concert movies that show you a little bit of these performers' lives. It makes them seem like real people. Like how it shows her crying and sobbing (while not looking at the camera) in her tour dressing room seat. It seriously tugged at my heart. Or later in the movie after her and Russell do divorce, she says how she had this own fantasy for herself and that she wanted a relationship that would last forever. Then the producers say, "So you miss him still?" and she responds by saying with tears, "Yes, I do." She is very sweet and genuinely interacts with her fans a lot.
Us at the movie last Friday with some of our fun friends!
In all seriousness though I am falling into these celebrity's traps and giving them even more money, but it was good. I found it very interesting and would recommend it to any Katy Perry fan, even if you just like one song of hers. I love the humor in it (like the part when her sister dresses up like her and dances on stage with her or when they go to the cat tea cafe place) and you leave feeling like you kind of know her!

If you saw it...did you like it? What was your favorite part?

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