Sunday, February 12, 2012

His Birthday Celebration

Today is Mr. Matson's 24th Birthday. When someone's birthday is on Sunday or any weekend day really, I feel like you can and should celebrate all weekend long! That's exactly what we did.


The little girl I nanny and I decorated our whole house. I love decorating for birthdays. Makes it that much more special. She helped me bring all the balloons in and match up a little tag with each of them of things I love about Matson. She also helped me wrap all his birthday gifts...let's just say she used more than a whole thing of Scotch tape. 

The gift H* helped me wrap. So cute?

Am I horrible to let her help? Whatever. It was hilarious.

She just used all my scraps I had...even Christmas wrapping paper.

Friday night after we both got home from work we went and met up with some of our good friends H* & K* at Brick Oven. Matson loves Brick Oven..and it has kind of rubbed off on me. All the time we crave a yummy salad and pasta bar! 
H* & K* were so kind and gave Matson his favorite gift ever. DR. PEPPER.
Seriously. He loves that stuff! 
Brick Oven made him stand on the booth. They said it was a tradition...
bull, never seen anyone do that there. He was embarassed.

After dinner, we went to the movie Man On A Ledge. Good movie, at least I though. Matson thought it was a little predictable. Whatever, still worth going. 
Worst Quality Picture Ever. K*, H*, and Matson at the theater.
Note to Self: Do not take pictures like 5+ feet away with my iPhone.

Matson, my brother T*, and sis in law N*.

Us at the movie.

Matson started his day at the LDS Worldwide Leadership Training. When he came home I surprised him with a yummy brunch. We spent the day together, grabbed lunch, and walked around Riverwoods on the nice spring-like afternoon. I had other more active, fun things plans but that was his request...I have a very simple man for a husband-he just wanted to walk around in the nice weather and choose out a little something dirty at a woman's lingerie store (I am blushing).
Played with toys at Blickenstaff's.  
He probably pulled and blowed air at me with this thing like 20 times.
He was wheezing like an old man, he thought it was hilarious to shoot the air at my hair. BOYS...

We then headed up to Lehi to Buffalo Wild Wings. Matson's birthday dinner of choice with my family. The wait was forever long (like 1+ hours), the restaurant was packed, and super hot. BUT anything for the birthday boy. And the boys were all in heaven. Matson got his wings and was loving them. But I think he learned that he doesn't need to order more than 8 next time. He barely ate those 8, and we now have a dozen other wings sitting in our fridge.

So pumped to be finally seated at our table!! Even though only 2 were really looking.
After dinner time we went back to my parent's house for his favorite desserts and present times. Yummy Pizookies and ginger snaps (we both are not big cake people). He got some fun presents from my siblings, my grandparents, and my parents. We played games afterward...PIT was some dang fun. I forgot how much I love that game!
He got golf clubs so he can go play with the boys all summer long! 
Grandma's card. HILARIOUS. Called him Tanner, not Matson.
Then she thought it was his 25th, not 24th birthday. She brings us great laughs.

Matson made away with some good stuff! He is very excited.
Earlier today he opened some gifts from me and of course he chose to take a nice long Sunday nap. Now we are at Matson's family house. I obviously have no pictures yet because we have yet to eat his favorite homemade dinner, dessert, and open his gifts. It has been a fun birthday weekend!

I would post all the 24 reasons Why I Love Him that I tied on the balloons that are decorating our house right now, but I will spare you Blog Friends. So instead just a little message to Matson:

Happy Birthday, Matson. I love you so much and am so happy to have you in my life. You make me a much better and stronger person, and I am so lucky to have you! Super happy you were born! 

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