Friday, January 27, 2012

2 Baptisms in 1 Week

I love Baptisms so much. I feel the Spirit so strongly and am so excited for the person being baptized and the wonderful decision they have made to become a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. So whether the person getting baptized is 8 or 22, I always feel the Spirit and it helps to remind me of the covenants I made at Baptism, to continue to be worthy and righteous to live with Him again.

H* (when she was 4 or 5), me (excuse my swimsuit), and her little brother.
The little girl above, H*, is my little cousin (really she is my cousin's daughter) who was baptized last Saturday. In the picture above she was a little, little girl and it is crazy how she is 8! It was such a special event and I cried as I felt the Spirit as her mother bore her testimony and as she received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. It made me think of how wonderful it will be to be a mother and see your children grow up and make wonderful decisions as they go through their own life.

I love this photo of H* from her fun Baptism shoot.  It symbolizes how once you are baptized you are cleansed and have a wonderful future ahead of yourself as you continue to grow and strive to be the best you can be!
 photo via Moxie Shots Photography.
Last night we attended another baptism. This baptism was of the most amazing woman I have ever met. L* is only 22 and is incredibly brave. I won't tell you all about her and her life, but she has gone through some horrible things that I hope I or my children or anyone I know has to go through. She has no family and no one to support her, yet I remember when I first met her how she said, "I know that I am not alone and that without God I would not be here or who I am today." By knowing and interacting with her, I have realized how blessed I am. If I was given the situations and things that she has gone through in her life, I do not think I would be able to of done what she has done. She has so much faith and hope. Through L*, my own testimony has grown so much. It was such a treat to attend her baptism last night and to experience it with her.

How lucky am I to be able to attend 2 baptisms in less than 1 week?


  1. Very lucky! I love attending baptisms. It brings me back to when I was baptized :)

  2. Baptisms are great!
    Ps- we ate at serendipity (amazing!!) and Bradley Ogden (also amazing but pretty pricey). It was fun to be able to order whatever we wanted and just give them the "code" for the Donny and Marie group. We felt pretty cool. Haha

  3. You're so sweet. I love baptisms too. It was a really neat experience to watch your own little girl take that step. Very awesome. Thanks for coming.