Thursday, February 23, 2012

Meet My Pointed Toes.

Yes, I was a dancer . I started dancing at age 3. 

So precious, huh?
And who would of thought that I actually do my hair like that on a regular day and that it is in style now (minus the green frilly bow thing)?
Loved dance then and still do love it 
(I dance in my kitchen daily and love to watch YouTube dance videos and stalk my friends' dance videos/pictures)

Although I am no longer on any dance teams and do not take dance classes...
it is still apparent in my toes.

This was pointed out by Matson right when we got married. I can't jump up without pointing my toes. Seriously I try jumping on the tramp with flat feet and it feels so weird and so unnatural.

Pointed toes through the Uggs (Seattle-May 2011)
Pointed toes with heels on!?
(Caribbean Cruise 2011)
 (My sister A*, friend C*, me-the one in the yellow/lime swimsuit, and friend B* in Turkey on our cruise ship-Summer 2009)
I know the picture cuts off the end of my foot, but obviously pointed toes
My pointed feet on the table with curlers in my hair!
I feel bad from my bro-in-law C* on the far left who had to hold my pointed feet!
Can you tell which one is me?
Yes, the crazy spirited dressed one on the left with the pointed foot and crazy hair!
Remember in the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding...
I am reenacting their restaurant name "Dancing Zorbas."
So I know I am acting like I am dancing...but hey pointed toes.
Who knows what I was doing? Stretching?
Pointed toes. Check.
My siblings and I playing with our underwater camera in Cancun, Summer 2009.
Pointed toes. Check.


  1. Haha! This is SO me! I love it. D.Co really is for life! ;)

  2. This post was so sweet and funny! xo

  3. Haha, I love this. I started dancing when I was 3 too and if I EVER have a girl she will definitely start at 3 too. Love all your pointed toes pics. So cute!