Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Twist on a Pinterest Pin - Balloon Tutorial

I am sure, you have all seen this pin or similar ones on Pinterest.

This woman tied different pictures to the end of ballons for an anniversary.
I thought it was such a cute idea so I did my own twist on it for Matson's birthday last weekend (that you probably already read about in his birthday post from February 12th, here). As I have said many a times, I love decorations and I love birthdays and I love make the birthday person feel super special. So if you are like me then I thought you would love to see! And for those of you that like things laid out for you step by step (like me)...then here you go!

1. Buy your balloons. If your birthday person is 12, then buy 12 or 24 then buy 24. I bought all sorts of colors to make it fun and if you are buy lots take a big car, my little bug was not so fun to squeeze 24 balloons into, made for quite the adventure ride home. haha.

2. Choose out your printable labels. I have a few pinned here. And write/type out 24 (or whatever number your birthday person is turning) reasons you love them, like them, or funny things about them on the labels.  You can totally laugh at my funny/cute reasons I love Matson or you can steal some ideas for your own! I chose to type mine because a) I type faster than I write and b) all the cute fonts on my computer beat my sometimes messy handwriting.

3. Cut out your labels.

4. Hole punch your labels. If you printed on regular copy paper, it is better to punch them on the shorter side in the center, rather than the corner so that they do not rip when you tie them to the ballons.

My little sister loved #14's reason why I love Matson. He really does.

5. Tie the labels onto the end of the ballons. I tied my labels at the center of the ribbon so they were higher and could be seen better.

6. Place them around in one room so the whole room looks filled up! The little girl I nanny loved helping me do this, she loved choosing where each color went in the room. 

7. And your little birthday gift and decoration in one is finished!

I pulled this little surprise off and Matson loved it...he's sentimental he seriously is. He told me that he walked in the door looking down at his phone or something then ran into a string and looked up so happy to see so many balloons!

Such a great surprise and only cost me about $16 (and would obviously be cheaper for less balloons). I bought my balloons at Zurchers, where the plain colored ballons with helium are 67 cents each.

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  1. cutest idea ever!! definitely will have to do this in the near future!
    xo TJ