Wednesday, April 6, 2011

CHE-CHE-Check it out!

a little belated...
we got our videos a while ago from our wedding.
but just barely letting you all go check them out.
I would upload them on here but that would take forever.
So my Dad uploaded them to our family website.
Here is the list of the videos on the site:
  1. Growing Up Video, which was shown at our reception (my dad cries everytime he watches it) have fun either crying or having some black mail on Matson & I.
  2. Bridal/Groomal Video, which was also shown at our reception
  3. The Wedding Video...Get the whole day experience. The first 3 minutes is us telling about "how we met" which is more like "how we started to like each other". You can skip that and just watch the whole day...
  4. This is the longer version of the first dance/daddy-daughter dance...No need to watch that one.


  1. I just found your blog from Facebook, and I just watch your reception video. You guys are cute!!! Love the how we met part. You are perfect for each other! Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. Erica, I think I died watching those videos. SO AMAZING. so so mad I wasn't there, it looked so magical. Melted when Matson talked about you!

  3. those videos are the cutest thing ever. im with becca, that was adorable. so happy for you two little love birds!

  4. these are perfect! you are beautiful!

  5. Erica we were loving this! You are both so dang cute...loved when you guys talked about each other! Let's all go out again asap :)