Wednesday, April 20, 2011


my friend is getting married august 20th and she send out bridesmaid invites the other day! I love the whole bridesmaid invite thing. I did it for my wedding to invite my friends, sister, and sister-in-laws. BUT mine were not as cute and creative as my friend J*'s! I tried to attempt this cute idea for bridesmaid invites, but I sucked and was not good at it at all! J* is way better than me and much more creative.

These are just so fun, cute, and make the whole bridesmaid thing official!
gotta give credit where credit is due. the idea came from this fun site I referenced to during my wedding: Once Wed.
aren't the little paper dolls so cute?
the actual invite
i am so excited about her wedding! and so happy for her! congrats J* and S*!

Speaking of creativeness...I want to journalize that is so not a word my blog. I have heard of people doing it, but does anyone know how to? 
do i just copy and paste into Microsoft Word then print?
i need YOUR advice.

look forward to a post about something that I created.
it's actually pretty cool...if i say so myself.


  1. nice post
    and I like Your blog

  2. Ooo SO cute!
    I am planning on printing my blog into a book! That's why I started blogging.. to journalize ;) From what I understand there are companies that will print your bloggy into a book. I wish I could give you more info but I'm not far enough into my blog to print it yet. Maybe google? But you shouldn't have to copy into microsoft.

  3. Blurb is the best out there!