Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I still love Barbie!

I loved Barbies as a child uh child...more like until I was 12 and it was then uncool to play with them yet I still wished I could. Every time a little kid comes over to my parents' house I still enjoy checking out all my Barbies. I was obsessed--every Christmas came with some new Barbie accessory. Barbie mansion, Barbie house rug, Barbie convertible, Barbie airplane, and every new Barbie commercial on Nickelodeon made me so happy.  More than anything I  loved creating the little scene with Mommy Barbie, Daddy Ken and all their children and friends. 
I'd even make Barbie and Ken kiss and awkwardly hug with Barbie's weird arms and Ken's straight arms.

Enough about my childhood obsession with Barbies.
Last week when we were watching the three kids (who were mentioned in this post) one night we had some time to spare while waiting for the boys to get done with some activity. That left us with the youngest child, A*, and Target.
We went straight to the toys section.
I had to just look at the Barbie aisle.
Each Ken has a different hairstyle. What happened to the plastic head/hair? 
He has defined muscles, watches, accessories for himself instead of just Barbie.
AND the Ken below TALKS!
Sweet Talkin' Ken?
 Matson and I held this Ken for 5 minutes recording stupid messages.
It took my voice and turned it into a low manly voice! Uh...COOL!
Matson and A* with the Ken doll that A* thought looked the most like Matson.

ANYWAY...Barbies are cool. And getting cooler.
What was your favorite childhood toy?


  1. hahah! i was the tomboy who cut the hair and ripped off the heads of my barbie dolls! but you are right- that picture of ken reminds me of the attire the "cool kids" in high school wear. how funny!

  2. I wish you guys could have been my babysitters when I was little and my parents went out of guys are such fun babysitters! You made me want to go to Target and record my voice with that Ken doll, that really seems neat! But my favorite toy was this baby doll. But not just any baby doll, the one who came with a packet of a yellow powdered'd mix it up with water and pour it into her bottle and then she'd pee and you got to change it.. and feel really grown up and responsible :)

  3. Hahaha I love this post!! Barbies were by far my favorite! Then when it became "uncool" I told my mom I wanted to sell them in a yard sale. She told me no, because I'd want to have them for when I have little girl's. I was so relieved she told me no because I really did't want to see them haha!
    Love your blog!