Thursday, April 28, 2011

easter wrap up.

my family LOVES easter.
it is as great as Christmas.
this year didn't seem as much like Easter with all the family and wedding things, but it was still GREAT! We are so blessed.
The Easter Egg Hunt...we know all the hiding spots yet still struggle to find them!
We are all older and still look forward to our Easter Egg Hunt. It is hilarious. This year Matson found all of his first again. Brother J* was last. I found all mine for once in my life! The last few years months pass and it is October and our friends randomly find them in the basement and get a buck.
In my Easter basket I got just what I needed! Fruit snacks, a cute tee, cami, my favorite MAC eyeshadow, and a new shaver/body wash/lotion.

Matson was a little sick after the wedding and staying up late. So excuse his just waking up look at 6pm.
Matson's parents gave us fun Itunes gift cards...Matson looks forward to getting probably more apps and games to distract him from school and such.

I made our families these cookies, which I would totally make year round if Cadburry eggs were out year round why don't they sell them year round anyway? I made this cute little tag to go on the outside of the cookies too from these bunny ears.
It was fun to have both sets of grandparents here too!
Grandma H* and Sister A* after Easter Din Din!

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  1. How cute is that little bunny tag you made?! And those cookies look cadbury eggs! You guys look so excited with your Easter baskets and I love cute :)