Wednesday, April 27, 2011


tycole. that is the name of my brother & his new wife meshed together.
my brother got married this last saturday. it was a great eventful day! he married the love of his life and a lovely girl who i am very happy to welcome into the family! 

the day started at 11am at the SLC Temple. After a bunch of pictures we made our way back to my parent's house for a yummy lunch with the family. my favorite=the yummy Edible Arrangement.
after that matson and matt went to help set up at the reception place, Spark, which also has the BEST food. go there this weekend and get the kobe burger, seriously worth the 13 bucks for it.
 while matson cleaned up for some reason my sister and I went to the BYU Creamery to use her dorm money up and got loads of ice cream? RANDOM. then we got ready together at her room.

after getting our bridesmaid outfit attire on we headed to Spark for the reception and took some more pics-family pics, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc. Then the reception started. Loads of friends, family, food, and my fave part the dancing. But T*'s favorite part probably equaled the driving away in the Ferrari.

(These Photos all from Hayley Hernandez)
The Cool Mocktails

Spark Restaurant in Provo. The dancing crowd!
Matson and I standing on the red carpet before the Bride and Groom came out!
Matson was so pumped that he could take the top down. Him and cars.

Preparing for take off
After clean up, we sat in our family room for a couple hours with the family and chatted. Then my sibs (minus T* & N* cause they were at their hotel..haha) and matson and our friend M* and my bro's friend S* went to Village Inn. We were hungry.

All in all, so happy to have another married couple in the family and especially Nicole. It is always fun to have more girls around!  

P.S. For more pictures of the Temple & Reception keep a look out at Moxie Shots on her Blog. She was the wonderful photographer!

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