Tuesday, August 27, 2013

San Antonio Adventures - Visit from Friends

We were so excited when the M* family told us they could come visit us from Fort Worth while we were in San Antonio! They are some of our dearest friends and we have missed having them close to us this last year. DANG medical school!

As I mentioned in my previous Gruene post, we met them there one night for dinner. After dinner, they followed us back to San Antonio and the family we were watching was so nice enough to let them come and stay in their guest room. It was so nice to catch up and chit chat with them all night.

That first morning their son, C*, and the little girls we were watching all woke up really early. Matson is not much of a morning person so I was usually the one to help the kids at the crack of dawn so that just gave H* and I more time to chit chat since she was up with her little boy. The girls loved C* and wanted to just play with him like a toy. Cohen was a bit shy at first but surprisingly warmed up quickly and cuddled with the girls while they watched a movie. H* was also so sweet to volunteer herself as the hair salon customer for the girls!

C* with the ladies!

More snuggle time!
The weather that morning was a down pour! It was crazy rain and so we decided to make my favorite waffles for breakfast for everyone. But by noon, the rain had stopped and we decided to head to Sea World. We enjoyed Sea World and then headed to Big Lou's for dinner. The BIGGEST pizza I have ever seen in my life. Besides a few hangry (hungry+angry) children, I think Matson was in heaven.

The kiddos sat in the splash zone at the whale show...SOAKED!

Big Lou's Pizza. Not our pizza, but there are even bigger pizzas than this!
Before saying goodbye to our friends on Sunday night we had a S'mores party where C* and the kids ate their treats, danced to some "oldies but goodies" music, and played night games! We were so grateful they could come down and play with us!

I know I told H* I would post this...
but it was the only one of us I got!

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