Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fritz the Great Dane

In June, Matson and I had the opportunity to dog sit the cutest great dane named Fritz. He's a grand champion competition dog. He reminds me more of a small horse than a dog. His bed is the size of a full mattress. His dog bowl is the size of a large mixing bowl. One lick of water out of his water bowl is how much water I can drink with one whole meal. He is the biggest dog I have ever interacted with, but he is also the sweetest and best trained.

Matson attracts dogs like crazy. All dogs love him. He is just a dog magnet. I, on the other hand, spent half my life scared out of my brains of dogs. As a high school student, I even hated going to my boyfriend's house because he had a dog. But, guess who Fritz loved the most? Yes, me. He followed me around everywhere.

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