Friday, August 23, 2013

San Antonio Adventures - Fredricksburg, Texas

One day we ventured out of San Antonio and drove about an hour or so to a little vintage-y (is that even a word? Wellp...too bad I am using it) town named Fredricksburg. It was the cutest little town with so many antique shops, bakeries, and a little vintage-y candy store, which I definitely checked out! They had all the classic, old candies and my favorite taffy in the world! We walked around the shops and grabbed some baked goods while doing so.

Matson trying to act as a native Texan by the candy store's M&M
For lunch we stopped at this little cafe that may have looked not the nicest. I mean we ate on plastic picnic tables, but man was that food so good! Mahaley's Cafe gets 5 stars from us for a middle of nowhere cafe. Matson is still dreaming about that Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich - for my manly eater, it definitely filled him up and he enjoyed every last bite of cheese, grilled onions, and bell peppers! I just got the Turkey Club...I am probably the boringest eater you will ever meet - once again I am making up words, "boringest" - but both sandwiches were fresh and good!

Our visit to Fredricksburg also included visiting Enchanted Rock, which is a a state park that is a huge rock sticking out of the earth. Literally that is all it is. A huge rock sticking out of the earth that a lot of people go and visit. Before going there I looked up "Enchanted Rock" and read from various people online that it was "a big hike" Matson and I were expecting a big hike. We had on our active wear all ready for what was to come. We had fun hiking it, but it was not that big of a hike and did not take us long to get to the top. Lies on the internet, LIES!

Lesson Learned: Never ask an old lady that does not
know how that an iPhone is touch screen take your picture.
Matson enjoyed the views and we stayed up there for a while. Notice how I did not say that I enjoyed the views. I did enjoy it...for about 1 minute. I consider myself a hiker and really do like hiking. Yet, for some reason I like to take all the effort, sweat, and time to hike something but then as soon as we get there I seriously would just like to hike back down right away. Matson on the other hand is this nature obsessed man that likes to "take in" the views and nature for at least a good, quiet half hour. This usually leads me to feeling really bad about not being appreciative of the world around me and for about 5 SECONDS and only 5 seconds I wish I was a nature lover. The other minutes are full of me just sitting and waiting for my nature man to finish.

This is how I enjoyed the view. 
This is how Matson enjoyed the view. Walking around and taking pictures for the longest time!
Notice me sitting down - bored.

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