Monday, August 26, 2013

San Antonio Adventures - Gruene, Texas

Another little town we loved and adored while in San Antonio was Gruene. We actually went there twice and both times we ate at Gristmill. That probably tells you how much we enjoyed this cute town! The most picturesque town with the cutest little general store, vintage signs, and brick original buildings. As I walked around this town, I could just picture the most beautiful wedding here or bridal pictures. If I lived in Texas this would be the spot!

Our first visit was on the way back from the San Marcos Outlets (which is only about 15 minutes away from Gruene). Since we had to be back for the kiddos we were watching, we didn't have too much time to eat. We were a little worried we would be late.

BUT at Gristmill, which is the 2nd largest restaurant in Texas and seats over 1,000 people, we told our waiter and I seriously have never been served so well and so fast at a sit down restaurant in my life. He asked us what we wanted and literally in 3 minutes he was back with our appetizer. Matson had to try the onion rings, which were huge and yummy. Then a couple minutes after that before we were even done with the onion rings he was back with our main courses. I ordered a chicken salad and Matson ordered ribs. He said his ribs were probably the best he has ever had. My chicken salad was huge! We got done eating there in literally 30 minutes! Our day trip there was so quick that I knew we had to come back.

Our next visit was with some of our friends from Fort Worth that met us there. Gruene was so fun at night! This old town was modern and hopping with tons of people on a weekend night! The small town streets were packed with cars. Right next door to Gristmill is Gruene Hall which had your typical Texas country band music blasting from it. There was a hoe down going on. Matson and I looked at each other and said that were were definitely in Texas! Even though I didn't say it aloud because Matson makes fun of me for comparing my everyday life to the life of movie characters, I was thinking of myself as Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama. Not the whole wedding drama and stuff but the small town and fun dancing part.

Gristmill was just as good the second time around as it was the first and on this weekend night it was much closer to hitting that 1,000 customer capacity than it was the other day when we were there for lunch.

Gruene is that perfect rustic town with the whimsical flowers, lush greens, and that old Texas charm. I'd highly recommend a little visit if you are nearby and dine at Gristmill where you can either sit inside and enjoy the historic old wooden buildings or outside on decks that overlook the Guadalupe River. Don't forget if you are there on the weekend there will most likely be a wait for a table, but you could always go next door and enjoy a drink and music at Gruene Hall!

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